My background and interests

I've always had the proclivity to work with computers and other technology. I started programming and learning everything I could about computers at a young age. I still maintain this interest and often dabble in web site design and developing various .NET applications. I also invest a good deal of time designing and building database applications for many different pusuits. I achieved a degree in Management Information Systems which I hoped would lead to a career focused on technology and business.

I first spent 7 years at a large Aerospace firm where I gained exposure to many facets of the manufacturing world. I focused the majority of my time supporting the warehouse stockrooms, shipping, receiving and procurement. I also worked a great deal in production control supporting a wide array manufacturing operations. I gained invaluable experience in a considerable number of common and specialized business practices.

How I entered the world of SAP

I first learned of SAP while working at the aforementioned aerospace firm. They launched a full scale SAP implemenation to replace an aged mainframe legacy system. It was an aggresive implementation covering nearly all major modules of SAP and replacing many legacy systems. I was asked to aid the warehouse management team. It was a challenging task and quite a difficult process but we had a good team and it proved to be both an exciting and rewarding experience.

I stayed with this company three years post go-live providing production support for the warehouse and procurement before leaving to try consulting. I enjoyed working with SAP and eventually decided to pursue a career specifically in this arena. I've since enjoyed continuing to build knowledge and experience implementing SAP for various firms; specialziing in warehouse, shipping, receiving and procuremnt. Every project provides new challenges and unique situations that keeps every implementation interesting in its own way.